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Welcome to Blizzworx
Blizzworx is a Software & Hardware Development company, which seeks to provide innovative solutions and to meet all the requirements of its customers.
We believe that flexibility, innovation, creativity and passion are the keywords for a successful company.
Therefore, we have built our services based on this philosophy and our aim is to provide to our clients viable and effective solutions.

Blizzworx covers a wide variety of entertainment including games based on education(via software) with the slogan "to be created and amused."
The organization of Blizzworx has the ability to market and effectively promote all products, regardless of business volume and to define the corporate identity as a great and reliable partner.

Apart from the strategic goal, Blizzworx aims to be developed as one of the largest software developer in the field of educational games based on reliability.

What makes us different?

We differentiate ourselves from our competition through the experience we deliver to customers. In our business, what matters is people helping other people through technology. Unlike some of our competitors we are not led by technology or processes. Customers and their needs and expectations lead us.

Some of the solutions and services offered by Blizzworx include:
  • Software Solutions
  • Hardware Solutions
  • Server-Based Gaming Solutions
  • TV shows software
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Our company website is finally constructed and uploaded for you to enjoy. Here you can find who we are, what we do, where to find us etc. We hope you enjoy it!:)
Blizzworx has developed products based on the needs of the market. Particular attention, however, is paid to the constant search for improvement as well as the development of creative game ideas and technological innovations.
Blizzworx has developed children's educational software Bebefun to enhance your child's education. Self-paced learning combined with vivid graphics and animation. Create an exciting learning environment all that fun and the kids don't even know they're learning!

As a Software and Hardware company, Blizzworx provides children entertainment though three different options as listed below:

  • Bebefun SMARTY
  • Bebefun ISLAND
  • Bebefun TABLET
Blizzworx developed the digital software on behalf the Galinis production studios for the TV show ‘Pezume Kipriaka’.
Blizzworx is a Cyprus based Software and Hardware Development Company, seeking to provide innovative and requirement fulfilling solutions to it’s costumers, which will satisfied their wants and needs directly. We consider that versatility, innovation, creativity and passion are the key words towards a succesful solution. Therefore, we build our services based on this concept offering to our customers feasible and effective solutions.

Hangman Style

Hangman Style is a Facebook application which you can find it into Facebook’s App Center.
A time killer words game, in which you need to guess the hidden word by finding the missing letters that it includes. Now the question is...Do you think you can do this with 7 chances and without getting Hanged...?? Then Prove It!
-You can play to see your vocabulary skills or to challenge your friends to play and see who is better on this totally absorbing game.
-Send gift to your friends or challenge them to beat your score.... if they dare!
-Suitable for all ages, this challenging game of words will get you stuck to it.

Bebefun ISLAND

Freestanding game, which offers space for children to sit down and have endless fun time. Bebefun Island offers the possibility
to two kinds to play together and these educational games and songs for kids are fun, teach important skills for preschool and elementary school kids. Some games are specifically designed only to develop particular skills like Physical Skills in children. Children learn more about something when they play with it. Learning games are particularly useful for younger kids and can help build confidence while enhancing the skills needed for success in school. Educational games for toddlers prepare young ones for their first scholastic experience and educational games for preschool students teach kids important skills and concepts required by a preschooler.

Bebefun Tablet

Parents, family members and friends can discover a single destination for their children educational entertainment.
Bebefun Tablet is a portable solution for areas where no electrical machines are allowed and in places where the kids can be entertained and supervised by their parents. Bebefun Tablet has been designed to attract children and with the colourful design its a vehicle for parents to spend quality time with their children, and to help them with cognitive thinking skills and also just to have some fun! The kids' games provided here allow children to have fun while they learn. Fun educational games encourage children to keep learning, even after school hours.

Bebefun SMARTY

Provides a number of educational games to children with ages between 1 to 12 years old by using the latest technology
to combine entertainment along with education. It is our hope that as children play these games, they will be entertained and amused. Each game has information about its objectives, and this may help you to understand more about child's development and cognitive thinking skills. Educational games for kids have proven to be very beneficial learning tools. These games help kids learn many of the skills needed throughout their early childhood education.

*Save the World! Recycled Materials were used for this product.

Paizoume Kypriaka

Blizzworx developed the digital software on behalf of the Galinis production studios for the TV show ‘Pezume Kipriaka’.
Paizoume Kipriaka is a TV Show program where the players are requested to answer different kind of questions. The digital software program controls the flow of the game, with the provision of different sort of questions that appear with design on the screen for the players to answer.
Blizzworx can develop software programs for every game in Cyprus with success.

Objectives and Strategy

Blizzworx provides an extensive range of solutions which make it easier for our customers to manage their business processes. Our software and services equip our customers to run their businesses more effectively and overcome the challenges of today’s business environment. Blizzworx offers innovative solutions to:
  • Build long-term relationships of trust and cooperation with our customers, but primarily with our partners by offering comprehensive software solutions and further support and cooperation.
  • The creation of software products where their reputation will still rank among the leaders in the European market for quality and innovation.
  • Continuous market research and development of the products we develop and the services we offer.
  • Regardless of where we are in the world, Blizzworx's people are guided by five key principles of trust, integrity, innovation, simplicity and agility as these attributes will enable us to best serve all our customers and continue to deliver our success.
  • Flexible services that will meet and support our partners to keep them informed of developments and be able to immediately respond to the demands of their customers, but also effective for our end customers.


To speed up the progress of the emerging world by enriching the lives of the people within it. In a rapid evolving world where what's new today is old hat tomorrow, the only way to remain relevant and at the top of your game is through innovation. We aspire to be one of the most admired and valuable companies.


BLIZZWORX has the philosophy of following to two different directions:

Customer-oriented strategy, were practically every research, development and production of software will be implemented for the benefit of its customers. Company's aim is to build applications where solutions will be of strategic importance to its customers.

Partners-oriented strategy, were a commercial policy is followed that treats partner as an ally. Partners are those who know by "first hand" the needs of the market – customers.
By investigating the customer needs decisively determine the actions for further development of our products. Furthermore, this strategy identifies the dynamics of the market and in combination with the flexibility and reliability that characterize BLIZZWORX it creates the framework for new products - packages to be created to meet specific needs. The philosophy of BLIZZWORX prioritize the strengthening of the cooperation with the partners.

Although BLIZZWORX was founded by a newly company, all the staff are experienced professionals in the field of IT. With lots of years of experience, deep knowledge and love for all the company's products, they manage to implement such a dynamic, innovative company philosophy as the BLIZZWORX.


BLIZZWORX, probably one of the fastest growing high technology company in Europe, plans and implements the objectives of the new economy as shaped by innovation and creativity and this is not only within Europe, but expanding in Asia.
BLIZZWORX the recent years consolidated its presence in Southeastern Europe, with notable success in Bulgaria and Romania, where it has an autonomous presence, but also in Cyprus, through partners.

Strategic objectives for the growth of the company:

  • Providing integrated solutions and technologically advanced services.
  • The expertise gained by BLIZZWORX on different projects undertaken, according to the strict standards of the European Union, together with its international partnerships, allows us to pursue and implement projects anywhere in the world.
  • Blizzworx offers multilingual, technologically advanced systems and software applications.

BLIZZWORX everyday looks for differentiation in the field where is working.


Blizzworx focuses on the research and development of software applications using modern information technology, as those are formed due to ongoing market changes.


Blizzworx uses extremely high technological development tools. Creates standard and non-computer applications, following previously an in depth research regarding the needs of the market.
Blizzworx uses a quantity of structures so that the development of all softwares are ready and flexible to be transformed in order to remain up to date and reliable after every change is taking place on the market in the future.


Blizzworx offers a comprehensive mix of services to its partners in order to always be aware and trained so they can meet the challenges of the demanding businness enviroment. Furthermore it provides educational services for applications as a result of cooperation with each partner.
This service is crucial for the success of any business. The work is not over when new customers are acquired. Customers must be cultivated for their lifetime. It’s all about focusing value and nurturing customer loyalty. Successful client retention and growth means understanding that you do not own the business, you must earn it. It is customer satisfaction that motivates continued purchases and this is only derived from providing an excellent standard of service, keeping on top of clients’ latent needs and disciplined account management.

Blizzworx provides a well trained team of multi lingual professionals that drive the business forward complimenting the ongoing marketing campaigns launched by the client.
Today’s business landscape enables human resource professional to take a strategic role and position their business to thrive in today’s economy and create a comprehensive human capital strategy with a real bottom line impact. Human Resource has the shared responsibility to deliver organizational excellence.
At Blizzworx we focus to:
  • Demonstrate adequate knowledge of the business and industry such that the employee will actively contributes to business decisions and planning.
  • Identify and achieve priority human resource strategies that are aligned and have material impact on the outcomes of our business.
  • Ensure employees understand the strategic direction of the organization and create opportunities for management and employees to discuss strategy.
  • Demonstrate an ability to identify what organizational capabilities are required to achieve the business results.
Leadership development and talent management together with engagement have a strong correlation with each other. Leadership development is an integral part of any successful corporate talent management strategy. It involves identification of potential leaders, grooming and training employees for leadership roles, and gradually delegating more authority and responsibility to them to cultivate leadership skills.
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